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  • taekyu 5 months ago

    taekyu's avatar

    I think kerpoof is good good site for making story books for children. It has a number of tools to make good story books; like story line, colors, fonts, font sizes...
    And It gives us convenience to not to draw every pictures with our own efforts. We just click any picture and drag it suitable place.

  • DNUELMS 5 months ago

    DNUELMS's avatar

    I choose 'Story Tron' I think this site is great site. It subdivide everything. For example 'Tutorial' subdivide to 'Introduction', 'Getting Started', 'The Engine Cycle', 'Verbs'. What i do is just choose that i want. It is very easy to using this site. But it has some weakness. I think it is subdivided too much. So i have little dizzy. Subdivide is good but if this site simplicity more i think 'Story Tron' will be better.

  • DnueEna 5 months ago

    DnueEna's avatar

    Berenstain Bears is good tool for making story.
    Because young children have difficulty in making their own sentences in English. but using this tool, children only choose the keywords. and then they can make their own story. Also, It is quick and easy to use. Just Click is all you have to do. but, It would be better if this tool has more story.

  • DnueEna 5 months ago

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  • junam 5 months ago

    junam's avatar

    I choose 'where did the river go?' I think this is great site. It already has basic panels. All we have to do is just choosing the characters that we want. When you choose the panel you can make the details story. You even can choose the hair color of the characters! And you can play the game. I think this is kinds of series story. So I really like 'where did the river go?

  • DNUESTELLA 5 months ago

    DNUESTELLA's avatar

    I think "little bird tales" is really good site for creating stories. The best thing I liked is recording voice system. People can record their voice about story. By recording story, book becomes more fun and active. Also, you can draw pictures whatever you want to show and upload any photograph to use background on each page. But drawing pictures using mouse on the computer is a little difficult and takes long time. It'll be better if there are many images or characters to help making page. Anyway, after all things considered, this site is very simple and useful. So, I want to recommend it to you.

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